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At Azesta we like to do things a little bit differently. For us, our prime focus is making sure that we use our unique way of working experientially to ensure that we get the best possible results. We believe that people learn best through experience, exploring, creating, connecting and interacting with the world and each other, not through sitting and looking at slides! We integrate organisational values and objectives and work outputs into an engaging, inspiring, active programme.

Never do for a learner what they can do for themselves. - Dave Meier

Who We Are

We at Azesta are a Yorkshire-based company that has been delivering great learning experiences for two decades. We are truly flexible, creative, open and caring.

Our facilitators connect with people brilliantly, live our values and are friendly, down-to-earth and experienced. Back at the office our facilitators are supported by an efficient and friendly event organiser who is meticulous in her approach to organising your programme and attention to detail is key.

What We Do

We help your teams and leaders become enthusiastic, engaged and effective. We do this through designing learning interventions with action, pace, excitement and a twist of individuality. We specialise in interpersonal skill development and lasting behavioural change.

We individually design, deliver and evaluate every active and exciting workshop, seminar, assessment or development centres. There’s no such thing as a delegate on our programmes, only an active, highly-engaged participant.

How We Work

We start by working to understand what will really make a difference in your organisation. We go the extra mile to find out what you and your organisation are all about using high-quality questions and diagnostic tools.

Once we are clear about what needs to be achieved, we delight in designing something just for you. We skilfully blend together the learning experiences
that will best meet your objectives and result in lasting behavioural change in your organisation.

Our programmes combine experiential learning, expert facilitation, active reviews and up-to-date business thinking in a lively, innovative way. The result? Learning with action, pace and a twist of individuality, and learning that lasts.

Our flexibility, creativity, openness and the way we really care about every individual and every organisation are what make us unique.

The balance of the course was just right and again encouraged everyone to take part. The style of teaching ensured that the entire course was engaging and always captured the learners' attention. I can honestly say that this was the best course I have ever attended and I have taken away some great tips and tools for better leadership. Your teaching style is amazing!

Claire Hawley

Berneslai Homes

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Where We Are

We are based in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Our office is situated in the lovely market town of Pateley Bridge. From here we work on the logistics of our programmes which we then take to our clients to run in-house, or at carefully selected external venues … nationally and globally!

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