Office team

It’s all very well to have great people delivering your training, but it also helps to have brilliant folk back at base! We may not be the largest team in the world, but we don’t let that stop us from helping clients get exactly what they want with the minimum amount of fuss.

Keeping small has another advantage. We can’t promise you’ll speak the same person each time you call, but we can guarantee that whoever answers will be friendly, professional and know everything about your programme!

Rachel Fort

Rachel is our full-time office manager. She comes from corporate land so whips us all into shape with her love of organisation and stream-lined processes. Making a return to the training world after a busy career break raising her two daughters. She’s in charge of workshop organisation, policies and procedures and she’s a dab hand with a marker pen so prepares most of our resources. She is super friendly and has a gorgeous, gentle Scottish accent, so please ring her for anything you need.

Jessie de Burgh Hemming

Jessie is currently working at azesta as part of her Industrial Placement year. She studies International Business at Leeds Beckett University and will be using this year to broaden her knowledge and understanding for operations within a professional workplace, whilst developing a variety of skills that will be beneficial when starting her career in the future. Alongside assisting in training coordination, Jessie also plays a key role in enhancing the branding, marketing and our social media stance.

Gilli Liddle

Gilli is a super switched on and edgy young woman – she has been with us for over 2 years and takes care of all our accounts, payroll, and pensions. As she works full time in a thriving restaurant and bar, she is only in the office twice a month, though her contribution to the business is so much more. She is a truly valued, trustworthy member of the team and has an amazing eye for detail, a great memory and an ability to cut through the rubbish to what is really important.

I've just attended a Metalog programme run by Shirley. What a delight to be on one of her workshops. Great facilitator, fantastic skill, and a total passion for experiential learning. Highly recommend it!

Rachel Haslam

Award winning Lancashire Facilitator

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