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Leading is a skill which can be learnt. Experience is the most powerful method of learning, so we capitalise on it to effect lasting behavioural change. With thought-provoking exercises and outdoor challenges,our programmes often incorporate the Kouzes and Posner Leadership Challenge research in a creative, engaging way. We encourage participants to explore and develop their leadership behaviours and equip them with the tools they need to become self-confident and effective leaders.We help people to understand what is important to them and to become genuinely inspiring leaders in whatever sphere they choose to work. We have worked with many organisations developing their leadership capability and most programmes incorporate modules, action-learning sets, mentoring or coaching, video and business improvement projects. The completed projects often pay for the training several times over so a great return on investment.

When we wanted to develop the 14 most senior leaders in our business, we approached a number of providers to put together a proposal for us. We whittled it down to 5 providers that we invited to come and present to us. Shirley and Andy from Azesta seemed very much in line with our values and approach and we were quickly convinced that they were the right people to develop our leaders. Their approach to learning was very fun, interactive and engaging and we ran a series of modules over 12 months interspersed with reading key texts and action learning sets which they helped us to facilitate. Each module was individually designed for us and delivered in a different location with a combination of thought provoking video, group discussion, experiential exercises, interactive theory and interesting anecdote. Our organisational culture and values were reinforced, learning was fully embedded in the organisation and over the course of the year, each individual made significant progress in their personal development. Several people moved on to other roles, myself to Director and one of our Directors to Chief Executive role at Hull University which was part of what we had hoped for from the programme. The great things about Azesta are firstly, their complete flexibility in terms of designing exactly what we wanted and adapting and developing during the modules themselves according to our needs and interests, secondly their complete transparency over costs and willingness to attend additional meetings and travel to venues free of charge and thirdly the quality of their delivery which is professional, knowledgeable but at the same time fun!

Antonia Frezza, HR Director, Leeds University of Union

Shirley has put together a tailored leadership programme for our management team that is constantly reviewed and adapted to meet the needs of the individual participants, the team and the business. This is not just another “training course” but a really effective development programme that is delivering real benefits to the participants and to the bottom line of the business.

Neil Partlett, former CEO of BNL Bearings

I would not just recommend this course to anyone dealing with other people; I would make it compulsory. It was inspiring, motivating, confidence-giving and fun as well. You can’t say that about many things!”

Sam MacArthur, MD Viking Arms (talking about a two day open leadership programme for Directors of small businesses)

The programme opened my eyes to the possibilities available by stepping out of my comfort zone. I feel a renewed sense of energy, enthusiasm and confidence back in the workplace.

Joe Holland, Morrisons

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