Outdoor exercises

We have always been keen exponents of active outdoor learning. That’s because over two decades of experience has shown us that people are far more likely to remember and buy in to new ideas if we give them the opportunity to put them into practice before they return to the business environment. It can also be a real eye-opener for participants to see individual and team behaviours in action – and it really does make the learning stick! Why outdoors? Because we find that being in the fresh air raises energy levels (particularly in the infamous graveyard session after lunch!), sharpens thinking and increases enjoyment.

Of course, we are lucky to have a partnership with Live for Today Adventures with permanently set up exercises in a beautiful woodland setting (at both Ripley Castle Harrogate and Castle Green Hotel in Kendal) which we can use to explore issues such as developing trust, managing healthy conflict, increasing commitment, leadership, teamwork and giving and receiving feedback. We also make extensive use of mobile outdoor exercises wherever we are whenever the weather permits, they really help the development of interpersonal and team and leadership skills.

The team building activities are great fun and make you interact with each other. As a new member of the team at BNL it has certainly helped my integration in the company.

NPD Manager, BNL UK Limited

Loved the setting and the exercises. They really demonstrated and illustrated what we needed to take away from the day.

EPT, Yorkshire Water

The mixture of personal and team challenges not only met the objective we had to start forming a ‘self-managed’ team but also significantly and positively affected all the individuals’ confidence and raised their self-esteem. I would not hesitate to recommend the approach and venue to other teams.

Manager, Ideal Standard

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Shirley's vision of what great leadership is, and her ability to help you identify and progress on your own biggest challenges is inspiring. I thoroughly recommend working with her on her leadership courses.

Vegard Johnsen

Product Manager at Google

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