Indoor exercises

Indoor exercises are great for bringing learning alive. Theory is fine but practice is even more important. We have a great collection of indoor exercises which have a positive and lasting impact on participants. All rely on teamwork for success, making them a great choice for programmes focused on team development or developing communication skills and trust. We also use them to explore cultural issues, interteamworking, order engagement and leadership. Indoor exercises are a highly engaging way of learning and almost as refreshing as going outside!

Indoor exercises are particularly powerful in giving participants the chance to take a fresh look at the way they approach different challenges. By working together to succeed on a exercise, people can gain a new perspective on the strengths and skills each person brings. These insights can be applied to workplace challenges to develop real, workable solutions.

We often find that a mix of indoor and outdoor exercises works most effectively, giving all participants a chance to try out a range of skills in a variety of settings. All this is discussed at the planning stage of a programme so that we can work out the best combination to meet your particular objectives. Indoor exercises are also highly transportable so we can bring them to your premises or to a venue of your choice. We’re very generous about lending them out too, just ask!

The whole group exercise was great because it brought us all together and recognised the importance of diversity and how effectively we can work together.

L&D Consultant, Hallmark

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The experiences are memorable and the outcome of tasks makes you think about things differently.

Mamas and Papas

Senior Category Marketing Manager

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