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Business today is far more aware of the community in which it operates. CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility projects are a great way of giving back to society. Not only do they benefit charities and the public through providing expertise and manpower for particular projects but organisations also see an increase in positive public perception of their business. Add to that the feelgood factor among the staff who take part and you can see how beneficial it can be.

We have worked with a variety of organisations helping them to help others. From the construction of a school playground to working on a sensory garden for a college for the visually impaired, we love working with businesses to make a difference. We can come up with ideas for you, assist in organising a project and facilitate it for you – so not only will you be doing good but developing your staff at the same time!

There are not many people as generous or as warm hearted as Shirley nor that many who are as dedicated to the learning and development both of themselves and others. A true explorer in the world of training and somebody with whom I have often worked and always benefited from the experience

Garry Platt, Learning & Development Specialist at EEF Ltd

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