5 fun ways to split people into groups (including 20 ideas!)

October 4, 2017 9:49 am Published byAzesta

Once someone has attended one or a series of my workshops, they often come and ask how on earth I have so many ideas for splitting people into groups. Basically, once you’ve done a few you remember them and you just keep adding to your repertoire! Here are a few to get you started….

1. Create a line up

From that line up you can either just divide the line into the right number of chunks or number the

participants along the line e.g. 1,2,3,1,2,3 for 3 groups! Some of my

favourite line ups include…

Line up according to where in the year you were born (January at this end,December at the other)

  • Length of time you’ve been with the company
  • Distance you live from this venue

2. Do something physical


  • Jump in the air and land with your feet crossed – which foot is in front?
  • Clasp your fingers together, which thumb is on top?
  • Draw a dog in the air, was it’s tail to the left, to the right or absent?
  • Lick an imaginary icecream, did you do it clockwise, anticlockwise or up and down?

3. Use props

My favourites…

  • A bag of numbered penguins from the training shop (pick one out of the bag and then ask odds and evens to form groups or 1,2, and 3 together etc.)
  • Put giant playing cards on our under chairs, ask all the queens to get together, the hearts etc.
  • Give out shapes that fit together and ask people to find the people they can make a square with for example
  • Give out cards with words on and ask people to form a group using the words. Could be fruits, veg, films, characters, anything. For pairs could be Fish and Chips etc.
  • Different coloured / shaped post its under chairs

4. Polarisation (you can do this multiple times to get more groups) For example…

  • Do you scrunch or fold toilet paper?
  • Do you prefer snow or sun?
  • Dogs or cats?
  • Rain or wind?
  • How do you put the toilet roll on the holder

5. Clusters Ask people to from clusters according to…

  • How many siblings they have
  • How many items of jewellery they’re wearing
  • The colour of their underwear

I often combine techniques too when one of my weird splits does not give me the of groups that I
was after.

Happy grouping!

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